Greygarth Hall seeks to attract students who wish to pursue their studies to the best of their ability and at the same time participate in the family life of the house, making their stay here as much a home for others as for themselves.

Student accommodation in Manchester
Social Life

Living together goes beyond sharing the same roof. A big bonus to living together with other students is the possibility to make lasting friendships. The family atmosphere found at Greygarth fosters these friendships. Having meals together or relaxed get-togethers after dinner are a great help to get to know well one’s fellow residents.

Student accommodation in Manchester
Personal Development

Greygarth Hall offers a range of activities aimed at broadening the residents’ perspective and knowledge. Guest speakers at get-togethers, classical music concerts and presentations during get-togethers are regularly organized and of great benefit to high-achieving students.

Work and Study

A strong emphasis is placed on facilitating the residents’ study, in order for them to reach their full academic potential. We try to keep a studious and cultural tone for this reason. There are three different study rooms, and two study weeks are organised yearly before the exams’ period.

Greygarth guest speaker series

Here are all the guest speakers during the spring term.

What our students are saying
What We Offer

  • Human development

    A suitable environment for soft skills training.

  • Mentoring

    Greygarth Hall offers academic counseling and university coaching.

  • Alumni

    All the information for former students of Greaygarth Hall.

  • Short stays

    For teachers and students who need to stay in Manchester.

  • Facilities and services

    High quality service accommodation and large facilities.

  • Apply for admission

    Do you want to study in Manchester next year?

We seek to offer an academic, cultural and social environment where students can mature in all aspects of their capacities.