Social Life

Liverpool #YNWA

Here in Greygarth we are very active and life is buzzing! Trips are organised almost every month, visiting the Peak district, Lake district, Cheshire, London and the north west coast. We also have summer trips that occur annually.

Football matches and cycling trips are among the regular sports activities. Clubs are run in the evenings, ranging from visiting different pubs to discussing topics of interest.



Greygarth has a large library and dedicated study rooms, WiFi and printing facilities.

Because a strong emphasis is placed on study to set the tone of the house, residents are expected to adjust their timetable to that of the house to foster a quiet atmosphere.




We have a very close connection with charity next door to us, Citywise. A mentoring charity focused on developing character as well as enabling kids to excel academically. We highly recommend getting involved with this amazing charity, and raking in all of its benefits!