Study in Manchester. Live in Greygarth.
Greygarth aspires to contribute to the intellectual and cultural development of students through a wide-ranging programme of projects and events.
  • Double Birthday Celebration!

    Double Birthday Celebration!

    Santi and Abhi were the toast of Greygarth on November 3, during a combined celebration. Santi added one more year to his lifespan on October 31 while Abhi did same on November 2 (although his indian birthday was also October ...
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  • Tracing the ghosts of Halloween

    Tracing the ghosts of Halloween

    Halloween means several things depending on who you ask. For most people though, it's a fun day for dressing up in different [scary] costumes - monsters, ghosts, skeletons, witches, devils or whatever one's imagination can conjour. It's really all meant ...
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  • Night of ‘Super Bowl’-ing!

    Night of 'Super Bowl'-ing!

    Greg came up with [another] bright idea: let’s go bowling! On Tuesday, twelve of us headed up to of Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre located in the Wilmslow area of Manchester for a night out at the bowling arena It didn’t matter ...
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  • Saturday football sessions

    Saturday football sessions

    Weekly football sessions commenced two weeks ago and have proven to be both popular and successful.  The initial idea was floated by Felix and caught on fast, with the first session having over 10 aspiring sportsmen. There was extraordinary talent from ...
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Hall News

Greygarth Hall is an independent hall of residence situated in the Victoria Park region of Manchester. The hall was built in 1868 and was converted into a university residence in 1961. Since then, it has been providing accommodation for university students in Manchester from all corners of the globe. The central buildings of Manchester University are within walking distance and other departments may be reached easily by bicycle or public transport.